my volvo experience

wafi's light & sound show

the shortest day of the year in dubai

mi4: ghost protocol

what most people go through at naia terminal 1

for my ears only

the table in asia (la mesa at asiana)

november = death

my blessing, my gift


rubbing shoulders with the bosses

beat diabetes walk

our family song

i won another raffle prize!

mama's washing machine

oh christmas tree

2011 vacation

the washlet

marriage and togetherness


greeting muslims

max's restaurant

monthsary date

visiting our new office

dinner by the dancing fountain

burjuman pink walkathon

ate caila here!

upcoming events for breast cancer and diabetes

janet jackson in abu dhabi

our wedding portrait

lunch with the vera perezes

mary immaculate parish

fluffy mashed potatoes

breastfeeding, button pins and n@w

darn you, caffeine!

the line between your nose and mouth

i'm back (for now)

hawaiian pork chop

philippine consulate and polo-owwa office together again

orange fruit cocktail gelatin

wild ginger with my babies

just me complaining about time, boredom and the heat

nicholas sparks is going to manila in october!

it's world youth day again

my new "style"

where will she go to school?

blueberry muffins

maybe in their culture

my successful attempt to cook tuna carbonara

favourite things (mother & child)

our morning at the new (and soon-to-be old) POLO-OWWA office in dubai

my childhood sandwich

friday brunch at spice island

ACTS: here i am to worship

ACTS: better than i

ACTS: heaven

ACTS: no greater love

ACTS: the song of my soul

ACTS: still

ACTS: glory glory lord

at the top


my more cafe cooking class experience

today i went "at the top"

sharjah aquarium

our lady of guadalupe...and tita grace

magnets from texas

we’re in july’s MBC magazine!

for one more day

overdue, overload

i'm in today's 7 days!

who says

i'm a 'te?!

lucky...unlucky...then lucky again

water and electricity conservation tips

nothing, anything, everything

just for her

my parents’ wedding anniversary...and mama

yummy goodies from around the globe

uh-oh, it's virus time again

our lady of guadalupe

gone for eight years

a failure and a success


my gym open house

to caila's daddy

day 7: violet

day 6: indigo

dlsu memories

animo la salle!

day 5: blue

mcdonald's and tom and jerry

day 4: green

kung fu panda 2 in 3D

day 3: yellow

day 2: orange

day 1: red

my birthing story

putting color in my week (7 colors in 7 days challenge)


pasalubong from germany

nudity dream and blogging

my german family

my eyes are addicted to chocolate

good ko 'to!

our experience at PBR

our anniversary at atlantis

guilty working mommy

anniversary plans

first (lower) household in cfc

from friendster to blogspot (part 2)

from friendster to blogspot (part 1)

bnt turns 1