29 June 2011

nothing, anything, everything

It’s the last hour of the work day, the last working day of the week (because tomorrow is a holiday, followed by our two-day weekend) and instead of working, my mind is all jumbled up. So, instead of doing nothing at all, I thought of just typing away on whatever I’m thinking about.

- Wow! It’ll be July in a couple of days. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon!
- I hope our plan to visit Sharjah Aquarium with Caila will push through this weekend.
- Looking forward to our ET-han tomorrow at the Villa’s apartment!
- I have to remember to tell hubby that we need to buy fresh milk for Caila before we go home. Kagabi pa nya hinihingi yun eh.
- Malamang pagdating ng 4:58pm, saka ako lalapitan ng amo ko para ibigay yung schedule nya this weekend para sa pangangailangan nya ng taga-maneho. Haaay! Lagi na lang ganyan!
- Augh! I’m sneezing and sniffling again; need to take Aspirine C. Good thing I asked our office driver to buy supplies for our first aid kit.
- I just realized that this month has the most number of posts in my blog since I started.
- Yaaay! Next month hubby and I will be able to experience Friday brunch at one of the hotels again! I think the last time was before we got married (that’s more than 3 years ago!).
- Kuya Boy and his family will be going to Canada next month! Praise God! So happy for them!
- Still overwhelmed at the souvenir my colleague gave me: seven fridge magnets from Texas!
- Malapit na mag-uwian. Ayusin ko na nga ang mga gamit ko para wala akong makalimutan pag linapitan ako ni amo.

I hope you were entertained by the senseless chatter of my mind! =)

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