01 February 2011

happy hubby's hp lappy

Last night, after months of searching, I was finally able to buy the laptop hubby wanted.

During last year’s Gitex, he mentioned that he wanted to replace his old laptop because it was, well, old. Plus, he needed a new updated model where he could work on his templates and whatevers if he needed to bring home some work. So, that time, I told him that that would be my birthday gift to him (his birthday was still 2 months later). Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one that he liked. We looked around the shops, but still there was nothing. And then, Ate Cel came and we had all these expenses, so hubby said that it would be better to delay buying the laptop for a while. Little did he know that I had already put aside the money and had no intention to use it except to buy his gift; I was ready anytime.

Last week, he told me that he really needed a new laptop. He said that this guy that he knows who works at a computer shop had showed him a model previously with all these specifications, and according to him, it was one of the best that had the right capacity and features he was looking for. So one night after work, we headed to the shop. However, when we arrived there, the guy said the model wasn’t available anymore and he didn’t know when or if they would have it in their stock again. As you can tell, hubby was really disappointed. He had been really looking forward to getting a new laptop.

Then, last night, we were in Deira City Centre to remit some money to the Philippines. Since there was a Jumbo store right across the exchange house, hubby and I checked it out “just to look around.” And then, he saw it. It had all these features and specifications, which were actually more or higher than the one that hubby had been eyeing months ago. Plus, even though that specific model was a limited edition (according to the salesman), and there were just 3 pieces in the store’s stock, the price was actually the same as the one we had intended to buy last week. When we heard all this, I knew that hubby was thinking that it was THE ONE. But first, he wanted to check out if it was good enough; so he called his friend at the computer shop, told him the specs and price, and once he heard it was a “great buy,” we returned to Jumbo. We chatted a bit with the salesman while he was filling the sales form, and out of the blue, he told us he would knock off Dhs99 off the price. Yay! We were also entitled to a coupon or voucher (or whatever you call those things) where you scratch off a silver part and it says you’ve won a prize or better luck next time. We were supposed to get just one, but then one of the HP promotion persons overheard me joking with the salesman to let us try again because we weren't lucky, so (siguro natuwa sya sa amin) he told the salesman to give us another try. I picked, and again, no luck. Suddenly, he took the stack from the salesman, sorted through, scratched one of them, and voila! He gave me the one that said we won a Dhs100 gift card from DCC and MOE! Double Yay! In addition to that, we were entitled to 13 raffle coupons for the DSF raffle (although, I’m not holding my breath for that because we never win these kinds of things).

You can imagine hubby was really happy as he walked out of the store with the box in his hand. He couldn’t stop smiling! And of course, there were the countless “thank you, Mahal” and “I love you’s” all the way home until we went to bed.

He named it SIXTO, because it’s my (belated) birthday gift to him and his birthday is the 6th of December.

And that’s how the search for his laptop ended. It took a while, and it was almost 2 months late, but (in hubby’s words), “so much worth the wait.”

You’re welcome, Mahal!

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