10 August 2011

my new "style"

When you’re a mother like me who wants to always capture special occasions and your child’s milestones, you have to have a camcorder. Fortunately, I have EBI, given to me by hubby for my last birthday, which takes good videos (and a few good pictures too). And when you have a blog, it’s practically a requirement for you to have a camera. It doesn’t have to be the latest model or a DSLR; an ordinary digital point and shoot one is ok as long as it takes good pictures. For more than 6 years, I’ve been using this
Fujifilm E900

I know, it looks so basic and boring. But when I was a member of SFC and there were so many activities and events I attended, this was enough to capture all those good times with my friends. That is, until more than a year ago when I noticed that the battery life became shorter (lasting only for 10 minutes), especially if they were left in the camera. The last time I used it was during our weekend at Atlantis for our wedding anniversary. I had made sure to fully recharge the batteries before we left our apartment, but just after less than 10 shots, that was it. Even when I changed the batteries, the same thing happened. Since then, I’ve been using my company mobile or Ate Cel’s camera (which we bought for her as a belated birthday-Christmas-New Year gift).

Two months ago, I decided that I should replace my old camera with a new one, and it has to be waterproof (because since EBI isn’t waterproof, at least my new camera should be). I searched the net for models and reviews, until my choices came down to the Canon Powershot D10 and the Olympus Stylus Tough 3000. Although I had saved some money for my new toy, I wasn’t really in a rush to buy one, until I noticed that our planned vacation was coming soon so it would be best if I bought it before then. So yesterday after work, hubby and I headed to Deira City Centre. We went to Jacky’s, Jumbo and Sharaf DG to check out the availability, prices and deals, but it was at Carrefour where I bought my new camera. When I actually saw and held the Canon Powershot D10, I realized it was too big and bulky for me; so I settled for my other choice.
my new camera "Style"

It was also available in blue and green, but I chose red. Primarily because if it falls from my hand when we’re at the beach, it would be easier to find; and the second reason is because I like the color (of course!). Looks nice, huh? I can’t wait to use Style during our vacation!

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