12 powerful resolutions

nol card: check-in, check-out

reunion with nyoy

serving in the community

my end-of-the-world day

kfc national kids village

sophie's christening

31 days of praying for your husband

just wanted to greet you all...

bentoya date

meeting sandier pastures

everything sharice

name game: if you can’t beat them, join them

will you be my godparent?

my first grade teacher

how we obtained mama’s residence visa

affected, concerned…connected

published: how we prepared caila for her new sibling

sharice's arrival

hello, sharice!

things i'll do after the baby comes out

still working

first day of kindy

great morning

shopping for the baby...and cloth diapers

dry nights

a new desktop after 6+ years

mommy day: buffet lunch at anise & massage at spa intercontinental

mommy day: nursery reports

stuck in the lift

pregnancy update

i have 2 holes, the left and the right

family weekend: back to the farm

where art thou, my childhood favorites?

the white goodness of tim tam

the household with the pregnancy virus

your children are one-half of you

caila's first on-stage performance

family weekend: marriage enrichment retreat 2

i survived!

hubby in smart parenting magazine

posh weekend: jewelry set complete!

fifty my hands, but out of my reach

posh weekend: st. regis, saadiyat island

posh weekend: the farm, al barari

anniversary dinner at hanabi

bnt turned 2

pregnant with pharyngitis

tasting my first grapple

he brought me to you

glucose tolerance test

my new debit card

bu qtair restaurant

the avengers

job secured

mini-high school reunion

spying on our little pussycat

lucky preggy

cheesecake craving

mama is 71!

we have a school girl!

carpe diem

my birthday brunch at radisson blu

i'm still here

sweet daddy

went on a date…finally!

plastic on shoe soles

her 3rd birthday party

the secret i’ve been keeping


as my daughter turns 3


post-valentines chocolates

azkals game this thursday

shining, shimmering, splendid

i won 250,000 dirhams?! yeah, right!

future flower girl

turning 3 soon

stress, patience and patients

lazytown and california pizza kitchen

pag walang magawa sa opisina

she can read!

conflict in schedule

satisfying my burger craving at fuddruckers


renewing our nanny’s visa

have a little faith

the philippines immigration embarkation card and a helpful tip

my holiday gifts to myself

entering the most expensive part of parenthood

from 23-dec to 2-jan

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