24 July 2011

ACTS: the song of my soul

It was my first time to hear this song during the ACTS Prayer Assembly, but I instantly liked it because of the tune and message (plus the soothing voice of the sister who sang it). Everyone has experienced storms at least once in their life, times when we feel that our soul is all confused and weary, and this is a prayer to ask the Lord to embrace us and give us peace.

Here I am, an empty soul
Walking all alone through my life
Here I am, a lost soul
Looking for a place where I can hide
And find refuge, my long lost peace
And all else that will put my restless soul at ease

So come my Lord, calm my heart
Pacify the sea that has been tearing me apart
Oh come my Lord, calm my soul
Take me in your arms
And make me whole my Lord

Here I am, still searching for
The place that every person calls home
Hear my prayer, hear my song
For only unto You do I belong
I've searched so hard all my life through
For love that I know I can only find in You

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