19 June 2011

my gym open house

Last Friday, hubby and I took Caila to the open house of My Gym, organized by Mother, Baby & Child magazine. We were arranged according to batches; our slot was 4:00-4:55pm, and Caila, along with other kids, was given the chance to enjoy the facilities of My Gym within this time.

Caila tried everything! She swam in the pool of colorful balls
rolled inside the big ball with the giant hole in the middleclimbed up the ladders, swung on the monkey bars and tried climbing the rock-wall
and walked up and slid down the mat-slide
She especially enjoyed jumping on the small trampoline
All of the attending staff of My Gym were Pinoys and they were really friendly and professional, teaching the kids (and parents) all sorts of activities that could be done on the mats. The almost 20 kids in Caila’s batch were of different nationalities; Caila was the only Filipino, but it was ok. The kids didn’t play together-together (if you know what I mean); they all just played along, side-by-side, and fortunately, there weren’t any bullies that caused rough-play.

It was during the time when Caila was on the trampoline for the nth time, when I met Darine Williams who was the founder of the magazine. I recognized her immediately because I remembered her from the magazine’s launch which I attended at Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Resort & Marina last April. She was very nice, asking how I found the magazine and if I had any suggestions or ideas on how they could improve.

Finally, our time was up and everyone was asked to gather into one of the rooms. While Darine introduced herself and said a few words, the kids sat down to enjoy some snacks and juice that had been provided Then the time came to raffle off three prizes: a My Gym DVD of some games and exercises that could be done at home, and two bags of Queen B greeting cards. I NEVER win at raffles; I’ve accepted that fact already, so you can imagine my surprise when it was my name that Darine called out for the first prize which was the DVD! Hurray!
After the other prizes had been raffled off, it was time for us to go. On our way out, each family was given a bag from MBC which contained these:
a copy of their June issue, 2 newborn Pampers diapers, Palmer's cocoa butter, Clean Well hand sanitizer, and a Mymo car sticker

There was another play area in the yard, so of course Caila HAD to try out the slide and swing before leaving, even with a wafer biscuit in her hand.
Five minutes later we finally left, with Caila still munching on her biscuit. She definitely had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed herself. All throughout the ride in the car she talked about everything she did, continuously pointed out the Mymo (My Gym’s mascot monkey) stamp on her arm, and stared at the cover of the DVD we won.

It really was a good idea of MBC to organize this event, and Caila and I sure hope there’ll be more activities like this in the future.

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