05 April 2011

they finally fit!

Remember my sacrifices for lent? Well, it has definitely given me good results so far.
Last week, I happened to pull out a dark blue pants suit out of my closet which I haven’t worn for I-don’t-know-how-long because I can never close the buttons without my tummy seeming to want to burst out. And when I tried it on, lo and behold,it fit perfectly! I didn’t have to struggle nor hold my breath and no safety pins were needed to close the spaces in between the buttons.
Same thing happened this morning when I took out another pants suit (gray, this time) which I’ve had since my second year in Dubai...no problems at all! Hurray!
I may not have lost weight, but at least my tummy bulges are getting smaller.
I’m so happy and proud of myself! I think I’ll celebrate with a large signature creation from Coldstone Creamery tonight...NOT!!! =)


  1. Yay! Good for you!

    It's so great when we get bonus benefits from something that we have to or really want to do anyway :)

  2. thanks, jean!
    yup, i agree. sana lang i'll still be able to continue, para i'll get more bonus benefits =)


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