25 April 2015

Flowers in the Sandpit

Caila had another assignment to do this weekend that involved us having to go out: taking pictures of flowers in Dubai. Problem was there weren’t that many in our neighbourhood, and no way were we going to the Miracle Garden and walk around in this hot weather.

Fortunately, when we visited my sister yesterday, we saw several blossoms in the area where she lives, much to the delight of our eldest who kept running and pointing out the flowers she wanted me to take pictures of.

15 April 2015

Repost: Disclipline and Being a Nagging Mom

Throughout our childhood, Papa was very strict with us. Having had training in the military, he made sure his 4 children grew up disciplined and well-mannered. We were raised to always do what we were told, never complain, carry out our errands, respect our elders, and never, ever disobey them. If any of us displeased Mama and/or him, you can be sure there would be shouting and tears at home. 

My siblings and I all had our fair share with Papa’s belt on our butts. None of us were exempted. However, before I was born (or maybe when I was still a baby), he also punished my older brothers and sister by making them kneel on monggo beans, squatting for a long time, and hanging one of them in a sack until that person fell from struggling.

13 April 2015

Congratulations to Me!

I forgot to share the good news with you guys…I was promoted! From Coordinator, my position title is now Executive. And from Category E, I am now Category D. Yaaaaay! Praise God!

Finally…after almost 9 years with the company.

From the time I joined, there hasn’t been a female employee who was promoted or hired at a category other than E so I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment. I didn’t get additional benefits though (you get those if you’re a Manager, which is Category C), but at least my efforts have been recognized. 

12 April 2015

Biting Into Jipangei

After keeping us in suspense for quite some time, a group of friends we know from the CFC-KFC community finally opened the very first branch of Jipangei in the UAE last Thursday. Unfortunately, I was still sick so we couldn’t join in the celebration. But yesterday after work, and after Caila’s dentist appointment, we finally had the chance to visit them and find out why our kababayans in the Philippines endured long queues for the ice cream in the corn cane cone.

11 April 2015

Sandstorm, Little Chefs, and Ski Dubai

Could you guys believe the sandstorm we had two Thursdays ago? I honestly thought the they had overly exaggerated it in MI3, but when we looked outside the windows and saw how planet Mars-like everything was, we realized that the movie was actually spot on. From morning until early afternoon, we could barely see the nearby buildings; all we could see was sand, sand, and more sand. It was crazy!

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