27 September 2011

the line between your nose and mouth

image taken from Wikipedia

Do you know what the narrow line between the bottom of your nose and the tip of your lip is called? I bet if you ask an average human being, he wouldn’t know. Yes, it’s part of the face, but usually when we teach our kids the parts of the body, we usually just skip it and go from “nose” to “lips” or “mouth.”

Well, as you can probably guess, while we were vacationing, our daughter was identifying her body parts one day when suddenly she asked (pointing to that part): “Daddy, what’s this?” Since Hubby didn’t know the answer, he told her to ask Mommy. Of course, I replied “I don’t know.” She then asked the same question to my sister, my mom, and hubby’s family...all of whom answered the same thing. When we asked our friends, some guessed cleavage or cleft nose.

Because of my curiosity, I decided to check the internet for the answer, and fortunately I found it on Yahoo! Answers. Thanks to my daughter, I learned something new.

By the way, just in case you’re wondering, the answer is PHILTRUM.


  1. i'm impressed! haha! you got me so curious for a while sis. thanks for that helpful info. i'll keep that for my daughter. ^_^

  2. naloka talaga ako sa tanong ng anak ko eh. syempre, nakakahiya sa kanya coz she expects adults to know, kaya nag-research ako kaagad. hehehe =)

  3. oo nga naman, minsan may tanong ang mga bata na out of the blue pero pag inisisp natin di rin natin alam ang sagot, buti na lng mya internet noh?

  4. so true! thank god for the internet =)


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