26 May 2011

anniversary plans

Tomorrow is the 27th, and you know what that means...time to celebrate again!
This time, since we’re celebrating our 6th and 3rd anniversaries, we’re not going to eat out like we do every month; we’re going to stay overnight in one of the grandest hotels here in Dubai!

Actually, we were opting to go out of town and stay in a hotel somewhere in Fujeirah or Ras Al Khaimah, but even though the rates would be low, the long drive would be too tiring…and there wouldn’t be much to do except laze about in the pools. So, hubby and I finally decided to make a reservation for our family at...get ready for it...ATLANTIS! Woohoo!

Since it’s summer, they have special offers which include unlimited access to Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers. These two are definitely on the top of our list to try out!

I am so excited! Actually, we all are. I know hubby wants to try out the 27.5m tall (notice the number?) Leap of Faith. And I know Caila is looking forward to swimming and going down the slides. Have I mentioned that she always talks about the time we went to Iceland? Yesterday, when she saw us packing her bathing suit, she wouldn’t stop pestering us until we helped her put it on...and she kept it on for more than an hour! I think she would have slept in it if I allowed her. That’s how excited she is!

As for me, just the fact that I’ll be celebrating with an overnight stay at this hotel with my hubby and daughter is enough. I just have to make sure to remember to bring my camera and EBI to record all the memories of this weekend =)

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