14 April 2011

ateneo and la salle to play in dubai


I just read in the news that the Blue Eagles and Green Archers will be having a game against each other here in Dubai tomorrow!

I soooooo want to watch! Hubby has given his go signal, but I still need to know the details (how much are the tickets, what time, etc.).

I’m trying to call the person who we can get tickets from but his mobile is switched off (darn!). Anyway, I am going to keep on trying until I contact him.

Believe it or not, I’ve never had the chance to watch a live basketball game between the two top UAAP rivals. Even when I was studying, I never got to watch any game. Usually, it’s required for PE, but then I was always exempted and I never cared to watch back then.

But now I do...and I blame it all on DLSU because it’s celebrating its centennial this year.

If everything works out, I will definitely be cheering for the Archers tomorrow at the stands, screaming my lungs out all for the sake of La Salle Pride!

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