24 July 2011

ACTS: heaven

One of my favorite songs since my SFC days; when we sing this during the community gatherings, I always feel at peace and one with God because that’s when I feel His presence. I’m sure all of us would like to go straight to heaven when we die, but in the meantime that we’re here on earth, we get to experience a little bit of heaven when we’re one with God.

You died on the cross
My Life you saved, at all cost
You showed me the way
Now I offer myself to You
I want to be with You evermore

Lord, I wanna be in heaven with You
Right by Your side I'll stay
Worshipping You all day
I will live and die for You
Anything I will do
For heaven is here in my heart

Heaven is here (Heaven is here)
Heaven is here (Heaven is here)
For Heaven is Here in My Heart

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