05 March 2011

surprise (sana...)

Maybe it’s because I’m growing older (very soon, my age won’t be found in the calendar anymore), or maybe because I miss the birthday parties I had when I was a little girl...but I realized I really want to be given a SURPRISE PARTY on my next birthday.
Surprise – meaning I don’t want to be involved in the planning (and expenses); I don’t want to be informed or given a hint about it. I just want to walk in a room and all my friends will jump out and yell “Surprise!” I want it to be a totally unexpected thing.
Party - with cake, balloons, food, games, gifts, etc.
I know, it’s kinda corny...or baduy. Whatever! (blame it on boredom here at the office. so many ideas are running through my mind).
Anyway, now that I’ve posted it here, and even if hubby does carry it out (which I doubt), it won’t be a surprise anymore.
There goes that wish =(

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