29 November 2012

just wanted to greet you all...

taken inside our office building
In a few minutes, I'm off to enjoy a long weekend.

28 November 2012

bentoya date

Usually when it’s the 27th of the month, we all go out to celebrate with dinner in a restaurant. That’s Hubby, me, Caila, Sophie, Mama, and sometimes Ate Cel. But last night, after a looooong time, Hubby and I finally went out on a date...just the two of us...on our monthsary.

meeting sandier pastures

Before going home last night, Hubby and I passed by a pharmacy and supermarket to buy some things. As we were walking back to our car, I saw a familiar face and, although I knew she didn’t know me, I wanted to stop and say “hi” to her. So I did. And I finally met the woman behind Sandier Pastures, a blog about the life of a working mom in Dubai.

27 November 2012

everything sharice

Just like what I did for Caila, I created a separate blog for my second daughter.
She just turned 2 months old, but there's already so many things I want to blog about.
I’ve already posted the (sort of) journal I made during the time I was pregnant...and there will be more things I’ll be jotting down about her as she grows up.  Things ranging from her smallest accomplishments to what she likes, her reactions, what she may find interesting at some point in her life, her habits, and anything else.
The blog will simply be Everything Sharice.

08 November 2012

name game: if you can’t beat them, join them

Since our first-born’s nickname is a combination of her two names, I wanted to do the same for our second daughter…thus the name “Sharice” (S and H from her first name, and the rest of the letters from her second). I like it because it means cherry and deep red, which is the color of the bag I wanted to buy when I was pregnant (actually, until now, I’m still looking for that perfect bag).

05 November 2012

will you be my godparent?

The baptism of the newest addition to our family is less than two weeks away. Many of the things that need to be done have already been taken cared of, and this includes asking our friends and relatives to be Sharice’s godparents.

Although we had asked most of them verbally weeks before I delivered, I wanted to send them something to make the request more formal. I didn’t want anything extravagant; I just wanted it to be simple, but with a special message. So I searched the internet for ideas, and came up with this:

my first grade teacher

After almost thirty years, I got the chance to see my grade school teacher from Papua New Guinea…right here in Dubai!

As most of you may know, I was born in PNG and I spent my elementary school years there. Rabaul International Primary School was where I studied Grade 1 and 2, and I remember liking both of my class advisers.  Mrs. Clayton (as how we called her then) was really, very nice; I don't recall her ever shouting at me or my classmates, considering majority of them were boys.
I'm the really small girl on the extreme right of the front row

04 November 2012

how we obtained mama’s residence visa

Finally, Mama is a legal resident of the UAE! Contrary to what I expected, and considering the bad luck we usually have with these matters, we didn’t have a difficult time to process it…although, it did take us a while. In June, aside from checking the internet for information on the procedures on how to sponsor a parent, I also asked our company PRO what the requirements were. They were a lot, and the entire process would take some time!

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