20 August 2011

wild ginger with my babies

Before Joanne left for the Philippines for her wedding, I insisted that we had to get together along with her other sisters from my SFC household. As usual, it was practically another last-minute arrangement and unfortunately, this time Carol was the one who couldn’t come because she had already made plans with her members (and of course Gracie was back in the Philippines since early last year). Mitch suggested for us to try Wild Ginger which is located at Iconic in Deira City Center because she has a 20% discount voucher there, so since none of us had tried it before and it was easily accessible to all of us, that’s where we had our fellowship.

Usually I’m always on time and if they’re not there within 5 minutes of our agreed time, I would begin pestering them with calls asking them where they were. But for the first time that night, all of them (except Joanne who was running late) arrived before me, and Mitch teasingly pointed it out to me when I got there.

Looking at the menu, I noticed that the food was pretty reasonably priced. I ordered a Nasi Goreng and specifically requested it to not be spicy at all (Bikolanang hilaw kasi), and it was actually delicious! The servings, like the plates they were served in, were big (well, they were for us since we don’t have huge appetites) so almost all of us had some leftovers to take home. And since we were already full when we finished eating, we didn’t opt for any dessert (yes, not even ice-cream) this time.As usual, my fellowship dinner with Ces, Joanne, Leih and Mitch was fun with the typical teasing (mostly centered on Leih) and Joanne shared how her wedding preps were going on, and asking me a few questions on my wedding. She showed us pictures of her in her wedding gown and it was really beautiful! Looking at it, you would never have guessed that she got it from ebay, and at such a bargain price at that! Considering her wedding was less than a month away and there were some important things that they had yet to accomplish, she was surprisingly very calm and relaxed.

After a few more hours, we decided to call it a night...but not before we had photos taken at Wild Ginger and outside City Center. By the way, today is Maki and Joanne’s wedding day! I’m so looking forward to seeing my first married baby as the new Mrs when she comes back next month. Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both!

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