30 April 2012

mini-high school reunion

It’s always nice to see old friends and classmates, especially if the place is far from where you actually knew each other. And my get-together with my high school batch-mates last week was no exception. Antonette, Laarni, Sharon and I have been in Dubai for several years already, but due to our busy schedules, we haven’t been able to see each other as often as we wanted.

26 April 2012

spying on our little pussycat

Caila was suffering from colds and tonsillitis the past few days, which resulted to fever, so she hadn’t been able to go to nursery from Monday to Wednesday. It was only this morning that she was better; and just in time too, because today was their school’s Animal Parade. According to the note, parents were requested to send their kids to school in an animal costume or with their faces painted or wearing an animal headband…basta, anything animal-related. Since it was just a one-time activity, Hubby and I decided to resist the temptation to buy an animal costume for our girl and make-do with whatever we had at home. So I searched the internet and settled on following the very easy steps of using eyeliner, a black headband, black and white paper (cut out from a used paper bag), and glue to make our daughter into…

19 April 2012

lucky preggy

The other day, I received a personal and e-mail invitation from the Sales Manager of Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers to their Starchoice Party. I had turned down the invitations I received from other hotels during the first trimester of my pregnancy, so I opted to attend this time; and since he said I could bring along a friend, I decided to bring Hubby (para date na rin namin).

18 April 2012

cheesecake craving

I’ve been craving for New York cheesecake for several weeks now…up to the point that I’ve been looking over the internet for recipes. Unfortunately, I don’t have the equipment to make it (they cost too much!), so I have to settle on buying one. Although Hubby has been willing to pass by any restaurant to buy a slice when we go out, I always seem to back out at the last minute because my craving instantly fades (and then returns right after the opportunity passes by and it’s too late to go back).

15 April 2012

mama is 71!

It was Mama’s 71st birthday yesterday. Days before, I had sent some money so that she could have a simple celebration at home with family and relatives (she preferred cooking and having it at home, rather than eating out at a fancy restaurant), and judging from my conversation with her yesterday and the photos my cousin posted in fb, she had a good time. At least, I hope she did. There were two cakes given to her, but I especially found the cake given by her nephews (although I’m not sure which ones) really funny because she’s been a widow for almost nine years already, and never once has she hinted of finding someone to spend the remaining years of her life with.

14 April 2012

we have a school girl!

Last Tuesday was Caila’s first day of Nursery. Naturally, being a historic day and all (for Hubby and me, at least), I applied for a leave and Hubby opted to go to work late so that we would all be there to drop her off.

All of the things she would be using for school were specifically chosen by her. Based from experience, we’ve learned that if there’s something she needs to use, it’s always better for her to choose which one she wants so that she will actually use it. Days (or even weeks) before, our daughter was really excited. Even until Monday night, she was excited. She kept putting on her backpack and asking us for her lunchbox so that she would practice carrying it around.

08 April 2012

carpe diem

I couldn’t find anything interesting to watch on TV at home the other day, so I settled on a show of Phineas and Ferb. It was a normal episode where they were up to something and Candace was trying her best for their mother to find about their “project,” while their pet Perry was trying to stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz from working his latest whatever-ator. Nothing exciting actually.
But at the end, I couldn’t help but sit up and notice the song that the stepbrothers and the rest of the show’s cast were singing. It was catchy and the lyrics reminded me of a message that our teacher/priest (who gave me and my classmates a retreat during our high school senior year) told us.

02 April 2012

my birthday brunch at radisson blu

I turned the double 3 two Fridays ago. We didn’t celebrate it with a big bang or anything; I was just content to celebrate it with my family. So just like last year, we planned to eat out at a hotel restaurant. Fortunately, brunches are the norm here on Fridays (they’re considered as an institution), so after going over the different choices, I called the Sales Manager in Radisson Blu, Dubai Deira Creek on Thursday and asked him for their Friday Fun Food Festival details, and to make a reservation for us for the following day. He said he couldn’t give us a discount because the rate was already their promotional rate, but since it was my birthday, he said he would try to do something.

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