21 April 2011

hello kitty and a proud mommy moment

Last Tuesday, we went to BurJuman to watch Hello Kitty and her friends perform.

Caila, who always has to go into a Sanrio or Hello Kitty store if she sees one in the mall, was, of course, excited to see “Kitty.” Fortunately, being a weeknight, there weren’t that many people at the venue, so we were able to get a place with a good view of the stage.

Unfortunately, unlike the Mickey show, there weren’t that many performances. My Melody gave a song and dance number, and then Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel sang a duet (with matching dance twirls). After that, all of them (including the host) performed. That’s pretty much it.

Fortunately, all of the kids were given the chance to have their photos taken with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel onstage. So once the host announced this, I immediately rushed with Caila to the side of the stage and queued. However, only kids were allowed, so all the while I kept telling my daughter that she should just follow the other kids so that she could meet Kitty. I really thought that she would back out when I let her go, but to my surprise, she did exactly what I told her, waiting patiently until her turn came. She was the smallest kid there, yet, she didn’t cry. I was so proud! And then, when it was her turn with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, she just smiled at her daddy, waiting for the camera’s flash. So cute!
Right after that, she happily bounded offstage into my waiting open arms.

The actual show wasn’t really spectacular, but that proud mommy moment I experienced was definitely special!

For those whose little girls like Hello Kitty, it's held at the Observatory (opposite Virgin) in BurJuman from April 14-23 with shows taking place twice a day at 5:30pm and 7:15pm on weekdays and thrice a day at 5:30pm, 7:15pm and 9pm on weekends.

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