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After elementary and just before high school, I started putting my thoughts and feelings on paper. I didn’t have any diary then, but if I wanted to write about what was happening to me at a particular time, I would get a piece of paper and write away. And after I was done, I would tear up what I had written. A pity, I know, but then I was still shy and hesitant that time, and was still adjusting to my new environment so I was scared to open up to anyone (even my family) or have them find out about my innermost feelings.

Fast forward to the present, I started this blog in May 2010 for the same reason I started writing when I was younger, plus I’m fond of looking back and reminiscing, so this allows me to keep track of whatever is going on in my life or anything that interests me...which can range from mundane and pathetic to really exciting. I admit, though, that I’m no professional writer, so please excuse the wrong grammar that may come up or lack of structure.

Anyway, this blog is generally for me and to anyone out there who might find stories of my life informative, amusing, interesting or whatever ☺ So if you have a question, you can drop me a message at and I’ll try to answer it the best I can.

- a full-blooded Filipina
- born in Papua New Guinea, in a town called Rabaul
- studied AB Psychology in Manila, Philippines
- currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- an active member of Couples for Christ

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  1. can u post job hiring there in Dubai? thanks!

  2. Hi there! I'm nominating you for a Versatile Blogger Award. To find out more about it and the rules for it check out Live, Love and Lou: Versatile Blogger Award


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