24 February 2011

my early birthday gift

My birthday is still a month away, but hubby said he wanted to take advantage of the Dubai Shopping Festival offers, so off we went to Deira City Centre a few days ago to buy his birthday gift for me.
I was all set to get this:
I was already getting used to having it in my hands while I was trying the yellow model they had, but then the salesman/promoter showed me this from JVC (not the brand he was working for),and I immediately changed my mind. Actually, it’s way better than what I wanted (except it can’t be used underwater…which isn’t a big deal since we rarely go swimming anyway) in terms of features. And because of the DSF promo, in addition to getting it lower than its original price, we got a case, a tripod, a Black & Decker bread toaster, a 1.8m cable, a 500GB external hard-drive and an extra 4GB memory card…all this completely free! Awesome, right?!
Anyway, since we’re now into giving our new gadgets names, I decided to call my camcorder EBI (because it’s my “Early Birthday gIft”).
So, unlike hubby who had to wait 2 months to get his birthday gift from me, I got mine 1 month in advance.
Thank you for my new toy, mahal! I love you! Mwah!

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