17 June 2011

day 7: violet

They say that violet is not purple; according to Wikipedia, this color, which symbolizes mysticism and royalty, is actually a type of purple like lavender and lilac. Since I can’t really see the difference, I’ll treat all of these as the same.

Aside from red, violet is also a favorite color of mine. Usually, females who liked the color pink when they were little girls are inclined to like violet when they become teenagers or young adults. I’m no exception. I remember most of my stuff in high school and university were either pink or violet: schoolbag, hair accessories, stationery, hair-dryer, towel, blanket, writing pens...well, you get the picture. Come to think of it, this may also be the reason why Milka and Cadbury are my favorite chocolate brands.
sources: qwikstep.eu and rumahpanjai.com

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