05 April 2011

a pain in the butt neck

For two days now, I’ve been having problems with my neck.
Yesterday morning, I woke up with a stiff neck, hurting so much that I had to ask hubby’s help to get me out of bed. I thought it would go away after my shower, but I ended up having to endure it the whole day. I could barely turn my head to the left without having to turn my entire body (and even when I did, it still hurt). In the evening, hubby applied some ointment and he and Caila massaged it a bit before we went to sleep, which eased the pain a little. Actually, he massaged while Caila just kind of pushed and pinched my shoulder.
This morning, it didn’t hurt as much; I was able to turn my head without experiencing any pain BUT my nape still ached...until now. It’s like I feel sick and groggy...you know, like the flu, except my temperature is normal; plus, my head is starting to ache.
I don’t want to get sick! I’d love to get a day off from work (in addition to the weekend), but I don’t love the idea of staying at home miserable in bed.
Aauugghh! Pain, pain, go away!

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