16 May 2011

jewelry, rosaries...and santa niña?!

Unlike many Indian girls who are practically covered in gold whenever they go out, the only jewelry our daughter wears are her gold stud earrings. The thing is, we don’t want her to get used to jewelry. Usually, I only wear a watch, earrings and my engagement and wedding rings when we go out; sometimes I wear a necklace, but that’s it. Hubby is more simple...he only wears his wedding ring; he doesn’t even have a watch!

As I was saying, Caila only has earrings. Maybe she saw Indian girls wearing bracelets and necklaces, or maybe she saw our friends wearing jewelry, which may be the reason why when she saw the rosaries in the drawer of our bedside-table where our altar is, she began putting them on...the long ones around her neck and the small ones around her wrists...and often puts them on when her kikayness attacks (err, or maybe these are early manifestations that she wants to be a nun when she grows up).

Anyway, yesterday she did it again and when I asked her to stand still so I could take her picture, she posed as so...

Anak, ginagaya mo ba si Santo Niño? =)

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