07 June 2011


Ever since our stay in Atlantis, I think my bulges have become bigger. Don't get me wrong...I'm not blaming Atlantis. It's just that that's about the same time I started noticing this. My weight is still the same, but although I haven’t checked, it seems my waistline is growing. Although hubby hasn’t commented about it (he wouldn’t dare!), I decided to take my butt off the couch and start exercising again. Much as I’d love to join a health club or work out at a gym, I don’t yet have the funds or time to. So, I chose the no-cost option which didn’t require that much physical strain: walk.

Since there’s a park near our apartment building, I suggested that while hubby and I take a walk, Caila could play at the playground (with her nanny watching over her). So after dinner last night, we changed into more comfortable clothes, and by 7pm we were walking towards the park. Summer had arrived more than a month ago so the skies were still clear and it wasn’t dark yet. Almost as soon as our daughter saw the swings and slides, she immediately kissed us goodbye and rushed onto the sand with Ate Cel quickly following behind her. Hubby and I started at 7:15pm; since it was our first time (after a veeeeeerry long time), we opted to just walk briskly on the path. So many people were also exercising: either using the outdoor fitness system, running, or jogging around the park. We also saw people playing basketball, riding bikes or just sitting on the grass.

We had covered the entire park in fifteen minutes, and since it was beginning to get dark, we decided that one round was enough for the first day. We immediately went to the play area to fetch Caila and Ate Cel, and after she went on five trips down the slides, Caila and the three of us all walked home.

Our walk around the park last night made me realize that I miss walking. During my second year in Dubai, I would walk around Rashid Park by myself in the evenings after work. I remember that the walk from my apartment to the park took me fifteen minutes, and the park took me less than ten minutes to complete. After two or three rounds, I would walk back home.

The time alone to think while listening to music, burn calories, and put up a sweat felt really good and refreshing. I’d love to do this again every night if I had the chance. I’m sure Caila wouldn’t object, especially if she could play at the play area every time =)

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