14 May 2011

wedding anniversary mass

To married Catholic couples in Dubai, I recommend that you attend the Wedding Anniversary Mass at St. Mary’s Church on the month of your wedding anniversary. I’m not sure if St. Francis of Assisi’s Church or churches in other emirates hold these masses as well, but it would be great if they did so that couples residing in these areas can attend.

Two weeks ago when we attended the regular Sunday mass, I heard Fr. Tom announce that the Wedding Anniversary Mass would be held on Friday, the 13th of May, and couples who wished to attend should register at the Parish Office. Since we hadn't been able to attend this mass on our first two years of marriage, I told hubby that this time we should.

So last week, we wrote our details on the Registration Book and yesterday, hubby and I attended the mass. It was simple and nice...no fuss and nothing grand. At first, it seemed like just an ordinary mass (with the readings for Sunday, etc), but just before he ended his Homily, the priest asked all the couples to stand and recite the wedding vows, which allowed us to remember our promises to each other and to God almost 3 years ago. There was this older Filipina lady who was seated a couple of pews in front of us who was watching and smiling at me and hubby while we were saying our vows. We didn’t know her, but she seemed very happy and kinikilig at what she was seeing. Maybe because hubby and I kept smiling and looking at each other unlike the other couples who were just following what the priest was saying and just staring straight ahead. Anyway, after that, the mass proceeded as usual.

After the final blessing, the priest came to our area where all the couples were and showered us with Holy Water. Finally, hubby and I headed to the Babies Room where we had left Caila and Ate Cel earlier. But just as I was about to pass by the Filipina lady, she suddenly gave me a long-stemmed red rose while saying “Happy Anniversary!” I was really surprised! It was so nice of her! And she gave this to me only; I mean, roses were not given to all the couples who were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Hubby had already reached the door to the Babies Room so all I could do was smile and say “Thank you po.” She just smiled back and said “Congratulations.” It really completed my day!

So again, for those in Dubai, on the month of your (church) wedding anniversary, I encourage you to attend the Wedding Anniversary Mass at St. Mary’s Church. The ladies may not receive a rose like I did, but the renewal of vows will make you remember that you promised each other to stick together through all the good times and bad times, until death do you part.


  1. hi! do you know when the next anniversary mass will be?

  2. I think the anniversary masses are held every second Friday of the month, but you can check with the Parish Office or listen to the announcements for the exact date =)


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