26 November 2011

my blessing, my gift

Hubby was invited to give a talk to the unit heads of SFC Cluster B one evening a couple of weeks ago. Usually when he shares or gives talks to the community, we would bring Caila along with us (and I wouldn’t get to listen to him because she would always need my attention). But this time we decided to leave her at home with Ate Cel so that she wouldn’t be puyat because for sure it would end late.

That night, once everyone had eaten and Hubby had been prayed over, Maki (Chapter B2’s head) introduced Hubby. And what an introduction it was! It wasn’t a long one, but I couldn’t help feeling proud when he kept saying all these positive things about Hubby, including that he was “one of the best SFC leaders during his time.” Wow!

So anyway, Hubby gave his talk on “Being a Burden or a Blessing” while we all listened. At first, I found it kind of boring, which made me tend to just notice his mistakes and distracting mannerisms; but gradually, when he shared his personal experiences, it became more interesting and I began to really pay attention to what he was saying. He also came up with a FLAME acronym to help everyone remember the qualities of a good leader (Flexible, Listener, Approachable, Mindful, does Extra). By the end of his talk, I was practically bursting with pride for my husband. He really explained it well and made it sound interesting. Okay, okay...I may be biased, but really, he was good. And to think he was suffering from a cold that day and felt a bit weak. And since his audience reacted positively and I didn’t notice anyone sleeping, I’d like to think they thought he did a good job too.

But out of everything he said that night, I will never forget this personal statement he shared: “Hindi ko pinagdasal na magkaroon ng GG (God’s Gift); pinagdasal ko na maging GG.Nakakahanga di ba?! I’m so glad he’s my husband!

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