19 September 2012

things i'll do after the baby comes out

I’m sure many mothers will agree with me when I say that being pregnant has its ups and downs. You’re given priority in queues, offered seats in the metro and/or bus, bosses and colleagues don’t give you too much stress at work, you can eat early before the official lunch break or nibble on some snacks at your desk, you can ask the company drivers to drop you off at home after work (err, ok, I admit...even when I wasn’t pregnant I would ask our drivers to drop me off if they weren’t busy), etc. On the other hand, there’s so many things that can make you miserable like the frustration of not having anything decent to wear that can fit because your tummy keeps growing, having to decline or limit your intake of yummy desserts (and other foods) because you fear getting gestational diabetes, waking up several times in the middle of the night to pee (and then not being able to go back to sleep), going through a roller coaster of emotions...I can go on and on.

still working

Yesterday I had completed my 39th week of pregnancy, so in the afternoon, I left the office for my regular appointment with my OB...and to my colleagues’ and managers’ surprise, I turned up for work this morning. Even the managers in Japan were surprised to hear from me when I sent them an e-mail this morning, replying to their queries. Yup, I’m still pregnant, and still working. I had already filed my leave application a couple of weeks ago, stating my last day would be the 18th of September (yesterday), but after I took the day off last week for Caila’s first day of school, I decided that I’d rather work until my 40th week...because if I just stayed at home, I’d end up stuffing my face with food, sleeping, watching television, and just gaining more weight. Plus, I didn’t want to waste my maternity leave days just waiting (we’re only allowed 45 days as per the UAE Labour Law). Good thing my line manager and the company in general are lenient when it comes to these matters.

15 September 2012

first day of kindy

Tuesday last week was the first day of school for our daughter, so of course, like her first day in Nursery, I took the day off from work. As expected, Caila was really excited to start “big” school. She kept pulling her new Dora the Explorer trolley bag all around the apartment the night before, and even insisted to keep it beside our bed before sleeping because she was scared “the moon would get it if she left it in the living room.” That’s what we tell her will happen if she doesn’t take care of her stuff and leaves them lying around in a mess.

09 September 2012

great morning

My sister lives on the other side of Dubai and is usually really busy, and Mama just recently returned to the country. Whenever we go home to the Philippines for vacation, we rarely get the chance to go to church all together. So I was really happy when, for the first time after a veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy long time, Mama, my sister, and I (along with Hubby and Caila) attended mass together at St. Mary’s Church yesterday.
latorre girls
Thank you, Mama Mary! It was your birthday, but you were the one who gave us the gift. Such a great morning!

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