19 July 2011


A = adoration; worshipping and praising
C = confession; asking for forgiveness
T = thanksgiving; thanking God for blessings
S = supplication; petitions to God

Last Friday evening, hubby and I attended the ACTS Prayer Assembly with other members of CFC and it.was.awesome! There were no speakers or talks given, just a talented band with the gifted worship leader and a few people who shared their own personal stories of how they experienced the miracles of God.

But before I get ahead of myself, I’ll start from the beginning.

Hubby was part of the Technical & Visuals Team and Dhenzio was one of the sharers, so we (along with Ann) all went together to Clover Creek Hotel at 5:30pm. While our husbands and the rest of the service team set-up the venue, Ann and I sort of socialized a bit with the other attendees.

The assembly finally started a little past 7pm with Tito Ronnie Rasco leading the exhortation songs and opening prayer. It continued this way all throughout with him explaining the ACTS format of praying, a few AVPs being shown on the screen from time to time, songs being sung by members of the band to help us reflect, and of course the three sharers.

Dennis Bohol (aka Dhenzio) was the first one to tell of how God touched and completely changed his life, from being a great sinner to becoming a man of God. And when he declared that his wife was pregnant again, I could practically see and feel the joy the couple were experiencing at that moment, erasing all of their fears and worries.

Lyn Nulud was the next one to share on how she and her husband kept praying for a baby, but to no avail…until she asked God to remove her anxieties and heal her womb…and finally, after more than 3 years of marriage, the Lord answered their prayers and she is now pregnant with a baby girl.

The last sharers were Bong and Arlene Muto who shared (by way of a prayer to God) how they were able to successfully surpass all the trials they had to go through. And they were a lot! If an ordinary person who didn’t have as much faith as they did had to go through even one of those ordeals, I’m sure he or she would literally give up or question Him.

The songs that were sung and the music being played that night were perfect. Being such an emotional person, I cried buckets of tears practically all throughout the program (well, except for when we were singing along during the songs of praise). I’ll be posting some of the songs of that night later because I want to remember the lyrics and share them here.

During the Thanksgiving part, a microphone was set up in front near the big cross where majority of the attendees proudly thanked God for whatever blessings (whether big or small) they had received.

Near the last part, pens and sheets of papers were distributed to everyone so that we could each write down our prayers and petitions, which we then placed in a huge bowl in front of a big cross near the stage. Tito Ronnie reminded us that in asking God for something, we had to be specific. But of course, God can grant it immediately, keep it pending until His own perfect time, or say “no” because He has something better in store for us.

Finally, the bowl of petitions was prayed over by Tito Ronnie, followed by the closing prayer and songs which marked the end of the assembly. Even though it ended late in the evening, I’m sure there was not a single person who left the hotel feeling spiritually refreshed. It was truly an amazing experience!

Thank you, Dhenzio, Lyn, Bong and Arlene for sharing your lives and allowing us to witness God’s miracles in you.
Thank you, Tito Ronnie for leading us all throughout the program and reminding us how to pray properly.
And to all of the members of the Service Team, thank you and congratulations for a job well done!

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