20 August 2011

just me complaining about time, boredom and the heat

Is it just me or is the month of August just dragging by? For the past 7 months, the days and weeks were practically flying, but then it’s like time decided to slow down once August started. Maybe it’s because it’s Ramadan and we’re working shorter hours (our office works from 8am to 2pm), or I’m getting excited for our upcoming vacation...but whatever it is, I’m getting bored!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad we get to go home early. This means that I can spend more time with my daughter. Unfortunately, by the time hubby and I arrive at our apartment, she’s taking her afternoon nap and doesn’t wake up until between 4:30 and 5:30pm. And since she takes her naps on our living room sofa, we can’t watch television else she wakes up. I’d love to take a nap as well, but if I do, I’ll end up sleeping at 1am or 2am (much later if I drank Coke or Pepsi). Cooking the recipes I’ve searched on the internet would be a good idea if only we were big eaters and I didn’t have to worry about me gaining too much weight or Caila getting diabetes from eating too many sweet stuff. I’d have loved to walk around the park again or play badminton, but summer is really at its peak now in UAE and it’s scorching hot! I’m afraid my nose would bleed if I stayed out in this weather. Going to the mall would be ok, but I’m not really much of a window-shopper nor a shopaholic.

The other day on our way home, hubby asked if I wanted to watch a movie at Mirdif City Center or Dubai Festival City, to which I thought “Finally! Something to do!” But alas, when we called there wasn’t anything interesting or worth watching on the big screen. Augh!!! Then I thought of going to Mamzar for a swim, but right away I discarded that idea because Caila was sleeping and it would be too late to go there when she woke up, and it was that time of the month for me. And now this week, hubby has to work late at the office everyday so that he’ll finish his assignments and his bosses won’t have any reason to cancel his vacation. Sometimes I wish we were still living in our old apartment in Karama because it had a pool that we could use almost any time we wanted (if it wasn’t being cleaned or whatever, of course). At least we didn’t have to go out or spend big bucks just to beat the heat.

Sheesh! The time and heat is killing me! Any suggestions anyone?

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