01 August 2011

favourite things (mother & child)

Mother, Baby & Child magazine organized another activity, this time it was an open-house of Favourite Things in Marina Mall. The invitation was for any Friday or Saturday morning in the month of July, so I registered for 10:30am on the last Saturday of the month, and that morning, we set off for Marina Mall. We were 15 minutes late, but it didn’t matter because the other mothers hadn’t arrived. So aside from the regular members of the centre, Caila had the entire place all to herself.

While Caila played, I was given a copy of the July issue of the magazine (the one with our pictures in it), an issue of Good Food magazine, some pamphlets, and a brief show-around of Favourite Things by one of the Filipino crew.
Dance Room
Soft-Play Area
Shelves in the Library/AV Room
Library/AV Room
Sand & Slide Area
Cycle Track
Arts & Crafts Area
Kids' Artpieces
The jungle gym
I found this area a little too dark and masikip, which may be the reason why Caila didn't want to try it out
They even had a room with all sorts of costumes where kids could dress up into anything they wanted to be.
Then, we sat down to a puppet show of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

I think more than Caila, Ate Cel found the show pretty entertaining. Here’s a picture of her hiding her face because she was laughing.
After the show, since we were the only ones who arrived, I automatically won the prize: a Dhs250 voucher from Eternel MedSpa! Yay!
And the crew who showed me around earlier informed me that a voucher for 1 hour of free play was included in the magazine and I could still use it until the 1st of August. Double Yay! In my mind, I was already planning to return with Caila on Monday since that would be the first day of Ramadan. Anyway, as soon as we left the room, Caila explored the centre.

First, she played with the cooking toys in the library/AV room.
After a few minutes, she saw a helmet, put it on and sat on a small car/truck while Ate Cel pushed her around the cycle track.
After a while, she went to the sand and slide where she proceeded to shovel sand into a bucket. Then, she went to the arts and crafts area where she began writing, coloring, and playing with Play-Doh. That’s where she spent the rest of our time at Favourite Things because she didn’t want to go anywhere else. She was content just squeezing and flattening out the Play-Doh, using the cutters to make all sorts of shapes. Our time was up by 11:30am, but since there weren’t that many kids there, the crew allowed us to stay longer. Finally, we left at 12nn, despite my daughter’s cries and protests. Good thing though that a crew gave her 2 orange lollipops (sweets in her fave color) which immediately calmed her down, finally allowing us to lead her out.

Thanks again, Mother, Baby & Child magazine! Obviously, my daughter had a great time =)

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