25 May 2011

first (lower) household in cfc

We had our regular household last Friday. The big difference was Popsie and Momsie weren’t with us anymore because they were now Unit Leaders in CFC. And can you guess who became our head? It was no less than my hubby!

Despite being the youngest in our group (in terms of age, number of years married, and length of time we’ve been with the group), our leaders chose to handover the leadership to hubby and me. Honestly, I didn’t think we were ready; and I was worried that having 2 regular households to attend in a week (upper and lower) would lessen the time we should spend with our daughter and as a family. But then, considering all the others in our group, well, we were the only ones who actually had the time. The other couples couldn’t easily commit due to their work demands and schedules. Most of the time, it was only me and hubby who would attend teachings. Fortunately, we have a couple who recently joined our group and they’re also active in attending CFC activities.

As I was saying, we held our first household as the new household leaders last Friday. Myk and Jo were in the US, Jason was in the Philippines, and Lot and Che couldn’t attend because Lot had work. So, only Ryan and Myrna, and Marvin and Cheryl came, along with Taggy and her nanny. As soon as they arrived, we led Taggy to Ate Cel’s room where we had shifted all of Caila’s toys so that the two girls could play (with the nannies watching over them). It was Myrna’s birthday the day before, so we served spaghetti, chicken and rice...and a small surprise birthday cake (and a candle of course) for her which we brought out for dessert. After lunch and some pleasant conversations, we began the prayer. Hubby being the head, opened and led the prayer, with each of us taking turns, and ending again with hubby closing. After that, we sat down as hubby informed everyone what the plans were for our group and schedules of upcoming activities; then we continued sharing, talking, and laughing...enjoying the moment and each other’s company; and by around 3:30pm, they all left.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief as we closed the door behind them. The thing is, I was really nervous earlier. I know hubby is the head, but we’re both the household leaders, and even though I was one in SFC, I didn’t think I could be a leader again, especially in CFC. I kept thinking that the others would compare us with Popsie and Momsie. It would have been easier if the couples we were handling were totally new who had zero background in the community; but they’ve all been in CFC longer than we have, and except for Ryan, all of them were members of SFC (some had even been leaders).

But then slowly, as the day went on, my fears went away. First of all, hubby was doing a good job and I could see that the others already acknowledged him as the new head. Then, as we took turns, every single one of them mentioned a prayer for us, that they were thankful we had accepted the responsibility, and asking Him to guide us. During the sharing, they assured us that they would support us and do their best to attend activities when they had time. And finally, I was reminded of the sayings “God does not call the equipped, He equips those He calls” and "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13). Because of all this, I am humbled and empowered. And for this, may God be praised!

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