22 March 2011

i'll be younger on my birthday!

At least, I’ll LOOK younger...because I finally had my hair cut!
I was supposed to have it cut the same time I had it rebonded, but the Chinese lady didn’t understand me; and when I told her that I wanted it cut, it was too late.
Anyway, after dinner last night, hubby dropped off me, Caila and her nanny at my regular salon in Karama. There, I showed Ate a few pictures of the style I wanted, but she said that since I had just recently had my hair rebonded, it wouldn’t look the same. Instead, she recommended another style, which I agreed to.
The end result? I don’t want to post my photo here yet, but let’s just say that my hair is very similar to Selena Gomez’s (not that I'm a fan of her's or of Justin Bieber). It’s not exactly what I wanted, but according to the people who have seen me with my new look, it suits me and I look much younger...which is the exact effect I wanted.

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