16 January 2011

plans & conversations with the mister

Ever since we renewed Piper’s registration last year, she has undergone numerous repairs and tinkerings, and several of her parts have had to be replaced. Of course, they haven’t been cheap.
Tonight, she has another appointment at Emarat Fast Track, and it’ll cost around Dhs3,000.
Now, hubby has been thinking of replacing Piper before her registration expires.
A second-hand vehicle would be ok, but then there’s the risk of getting one that wasn’t taken cared of properly by the previous owner.
And what with the major expenses we’ve had lately (moving to a new apartment and Ate Cel’s visa), we really can’t afford to get a new one.
But then, on the other hand, I’m not sure if we can afford not to.

Lately, hubby has been looking around for schools that offer Project Management, Autocad 3D, etc.
Of course, if it can help upgrade him with his career, I’m there to support him.
This morning on our way to work, he asked me if I wanted to study again (like get a Masters degree or whatever).
I answered with a flat-out “No.”
He asked me why.
My answer? “Di naman mataas ang ambisyon ko. Ang importante sa akin ang pamilya ko. Gusto ko nga maging housewife, di ba?”
'Nuff said.

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