08 December 2011

for my ears only

Hurray! I finally got my earrings repaired! Actually, they weren’t really broken; it’s just that the clasp of one of them became loose, which made me afraid to wear them for a long time (in case it falls off and I end up losing it). I missed wearing them because they’re the only earrings I have that I can use for any occasion, whether formal or casual. Good thing we finally had some free time over the weekend to go to the shop at New Gold Souk Centre to have them fixed.
my very own set of earrings and wedding ring
Just a short background, Hubby and I had our wedding rings custom-made from the shop more than 3 years ago (thanks to our good friend who shouldered the expense for them as her gift to us). Back then, the shop’s name was KIAH; after a few years, they changed it to BHANSALI. Rica, the lady who took care of our order back in 2008 was the same one who accommodated us this time when we visited. She’s really nice, and out of all the salespeople in the jewelry shops at that centre, she was the only one who came across as really sincere, taking the time to explain the pros and cons of the wedding ring designs we were considering and making her recommendations. The others seemed to just want us to give them business. After our wedding, Hubby secretly asked them to make a pair of earrings to slightly match our rings, which he gave to me as a gift on our first wedding anniversary.

So anyway, last night on his way home, Hubby passed by the shop to collect the earrings and fortunately, they didn’t charge him anything for the repair. Yaaaay!!!

Just in case you’re wondering why our ring (and my earrings) are designed that way, we I wanted a wedding ring with a diamond on it. After several designs and negotiations with Rica, we agreed on 3 stones around to represent (1) our three years of being together as boyfriend-girlfriend which we would celebrate on the same day as our wedding day, and (2) the three of us in our marriage: Hubby, me and God. The line that connects the diamonds and continues up and down around the ring means that we should always work together to make our marriage work, through all the highs and lows. I have no idea, though, why the line on my earrings don't go through the stones...maybe to make it a bit different or probably so that they won't fall off? I never thought to ask because I'm just happy to have them. Of course since his finger is bigger, Hubby’s ring has bigger stones than mine.

Now, if only I can get him (with subtle hints of course) to order a matching charm bracelet for me too *wink*.

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