05 March 2011

my birthday wishlist

Out of boredom here at the office, I came up with the things I would like to do or receive for my birthday. Some of them might be crazy or almost impossible, but hey, that’s why it’s a “wish”list, right?!

go to confession and attend the morning mass at St. Mary’s (let’s hope I’ll be able to wake up early)
a 25” waistline (nobody react, ok?!)
a gift certificate to a spa or salon where I can have a mani-pedi and my hair cut and rebonded
a surprise birthday party (yeah...still hoping)
an all-expenses paid trip with my family to Disneyland (California, Paris, Hong Kong...I’m not picky)
at least a 10% increase in my salary this coming evaluation
some baking stuff and easy-to-follow recipe books (so that I can start using the oven we bought)
a Dhs1,000 gift certificate for G2000 (love their collection!)
dinner at At.mosphere (just for the experience) or Junsui (love the food and free birthday cake!), or a Friday brunch at a hotel with my family
have breakfast at the beach with my family while watching the sun rise (since my birthday falls on a weekday, I’ll settle on doing this on a weekend)
world peace (especially with what's going on with the neighboring Arab countries, I believe that we need it)

Anyone interested to be my Santa Claus or Fairy Godmother for my birthday? *winks*

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