25 August 2011

orange fruit cocktail gelatin

It had been a while since I cooked anything special, so last week I decided to make some gelatin for dessert for our household which would be held the following day.

Out of the various Mr. Gulaman packets we had, I chose the orange one since that was Caila’s favorite color and I was hoping that it would make it look more appealing to her. I poured 6 cups of water into the casserole and sprinkled the gulaman powder in, just like what the packet said. Then I had Ate Cel stir the mix gently so that there wouldn’t be any lumps until it reached the near boiling point.

While Ate Cel mixed at the stove, I drained a can of fruit cocktail and arranged most of the contents on the 2 pyrex glass trays that I was going to use. When the water-gulaman mixture was ready, I added a can of condensed milk, then stirred it again. When the milk had blended into the mixture after about a minute, we poured everything into the trays, then I added the remaining bits of fruit cocktail, and finally let the gelatin cool a bit before covering them with plastic wrap and putting them in the fridge.

The verdict? Our members said it was delicious (Jo kept reaching for more), Caila finished a whole slice, and Hubby and Ate Cel said it tasted delicious, not too sweet and not too matabang! Okay, okay. I know it was just a simple and very easy recipe, but still...I made another successful (read: edible) creation! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!

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