27 September 2011

i'm back (for now)

Despite being on a break for almost a month (as you can probably guess, we were vacationing in the Philippines), I’m in awe at the number of people who have dropped by this blog to check on any updates. It may not have fallen in the thousands like the super famous blogs out there, but I’m just happily surprised that this blog of mine is being visited by people around the world, majority of whom I probably don’t even personally know. So, THANK YOU to everyone who checked this blog out. It really means a lot to me.

Anyway, I promise to update this blog soon. For the meantime, I need to free myself from the tons of work I’ve had to take care of and the 250+ e-mail messages I received since I returned to the office last Sunday. Falling sick in the afternoon of my first day back at work didn’t help either. Actually, I still feel weak, but I’m too ashamed to apply for a sick leave because I just got back (it sure won’t look good to my bosses); so I guess I’ll just suffer on my own and self-medicate from what we have in our first aid kit.

Oh, I just remembered...our German family will be arriving tomorrow night, leaving me less time to post entries here. Please just bear with me and I promise I’ll be back soon to share all about our vacation, their visit, and everything else that's happening.

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