03 August 2011

blueberry muffins

Ever since my half-successful-half-failed attempt at making brownies, I was hesitant to make anything that required the use of the oven again. However, a few weeks ago when we were grocery-shopping, my hand (which seemed to have a mind of it’s own that time) pulled a box of Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix from the shelf and into our trolley. I really don’t know what made me do it, but I guess something inside me wanted to try to bake again.

The box was just lying in our cupboard for weeks when last night, while Hubby was at the Financial Seminar at St. Mary’s Church, I decided to face my fear and make the muffins. According to the box, the only ingredients I needed to add were water, oil and an egg. As for the cupcake pan, the recipe said it needed one with 12 cups, but since the only pan we had had 6 cups, I had to re-use the same one for the second batch.

I followed the instructions exactly as the box said, and within 25 minutes my first 6 muffins were done. The result...
that’s Caila’s hand in the corner reaching for the muffin because she couldn’t wait to try it

my daughter bravely taking her first bite

My family loved it! It was soft and spongey, not too sweet and not too dry. Caila finished more than half a muffin (she would have finished the whole one if she hadn’t been playing while eating, making it fall on the floor) and Ate Cel kept saying “Masarap sya! Masarap sya!” When Hubby arrived later, I gave him one to try, and just before he finished that one, he was already reaching for another. I was so happy! I literally jumped in the kitchen!

Now that I’m gaining more confidence to handle our stove and oven, I wonder what my next cooking project will be...

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