15 October 2011

upcoming events for breast cancer and diabetes

Hubby and I like joining events that are for causes. Apart from them being good social-awareness and fundraising activities, we also get to keep fit by running (or walking) a few kilometers.

There was the run organized by Foresight back in 2005, and around 2 years ago, the Filipino Community and the Philippine Business Council in Dubai organized a walk for a cause in aid of the flood victims of Typhoon Ondoy. And almost every year since I came to Dubai, I’ve participated in the Dubai Terry Fox Run; it just so happened that when we joined it this year, my daughter and I had a few seconds of fame. And now there are 2 more activities that I want to be part of.

This coming Friday (21st of October), Breast Cancer Arabia is attempting to break the world record of making the largest human awareness ribbon at the Meydan Grandstand. Standing still for 10 minutes under the hot sun doesn’t really appeal to me, but wouldn’t it be great to be part of a recording-breaking event? Also, there’ll be prizes raffled off and bouncy castles for kids to enjoy, so that’s something to look forward to.

And then there’s the Beat Diabetes Walkathon at the Oasis Centre on the 18th of November. Now this event I really want to join, primarily because one of the major causes of Papa’s death was diabetes. He had it since he was very young, but it was only when he was in his fifties (or was it forties?) that he had to inject himself with insulin everyday. Anyway, as we know, diabetes is a very expensive lifelong disease which usually results to all-sorts of organ failures in the long run. This year’s walkathon also happens to fall on the day before Papa’s birthday (he would be 72 then), so you can understand why I want to join.

Details for the Beat Diabetes Walkathon haven’t been posted yet, but most probably we’ll know all the information by early November. As for those who would like to be part of BCA’s World Record Attempt, just visit www.breastcancerarabia.com for the complete details and registration.

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