14 November 2011

mama's washing machine

One day during our vacation...
Me: Ma, alis muna kami. May kailangan lang asikasuhin sa labasan tapos may bibilhin sa SM. May ipapabili ka?
Mama: Meron, washing machine.

Take note, the way she said was as if she was asking me to buy some soap at the supermarket.
Me: Nyek! Kulang ang pera namin para dun! Atsaka di namin yun mabibitbit pauwi.
Mama: Kasya yun. Hindi naman kailangan yung may dryer; may nakita ako na washer lang na mura.
Me: Sige, Ma, magpapadala ako sa December para makabili ka. Christmas gift ko na yun sa yo. Pero sa ngayon, wala sa budget namin.
Mama: Yehey! Ok lang. At least may maeexpect ako. Thank you!

That day while hubby and I were at SM, we checked out the washing machines. Even though I told Mama that I would send the money in December, we planned on surprising her with her gift while we were there. And anyway, the washing machine at home was really old and had already broken down, so Mama had a reason to ask for a new one. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough money with us, so I had to go to the ATM the next day and buy it before going home. Naturally, it was too big to take with me, so I arranged to have it delivered the next day.

The delivery guys arrived just after lunch, while we were still talking and sitting at the table. Mama answered the door and confirmed that she was the person they were looking for. She thought they were delivering our box of personal effects that we had sent via sea-freight a month ago, so when she saw them carrying the box into our house, she was really surprised.
Mama: (running around and waving her hands) Ay! Ay! Ay! Meeeelllll!!!
Me: Ay! Ay! Ay! Maaaaa!!!
(obviously, I was teasing her)
Mama: (embracing me really tight) Thank you!
Her eyes were filled with tears then.
Me: You’re welcome.
Caila: Mama, TU-PRISE! TU-PRISE!
Mama: Surprise! Thank you!
Mama: Akala ko sa Pasko ko pa makukuha ‘to. Sabi mo kasi walang budget.
Me: Hehe. Syempre, chika lang yun para...SURPRISE!

And that’s how Mama got her early Christmas gift this year. Incidentally, her sister and sister-in-law also have the same washing machines, except Mama’s is blue and only her’s came with a free iron and laundry hamper.

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