02 October 2011

fluffy mashed potatoes

I cannot believe it! My colleague who is a really great cook asked me for the recipe of my mashed potatoes! Wow!

You see, last Friday we prepared dinner for our German family at our place. Hubby prepared the main courses (chop suey, kilawin, pork kaldereta) while I prepared the mashed potatoes and gulaman. And since there were a few leftovers, I brought the mashed potato and kaldereta for my baon yesterday at work. Like what we do during lunch, my (female) colleagues and I taste and share each other’s food. Anyway, they all tasted my potatoes and said it was ok. And then this morning, my colleague asked me for the recipe!!! She said it’s masarap and she’s planning to cook it for her daughter. Yaaaaaaaaayyy!!!

Actually, the recipe is so simple. Here's what I did:
First, I peeled 1kg potatoes and chopped them into chunks. Then I put them in a big saucepan with enough water that could practically cover all the potatoes, and boiled them until they were soft. After draining the water, I put all the potatoes in a big bowl and started mashing them. Once they were all mashed, I added ¼ cup fresh milk, ¼ cup butter, and salt and pepper to taste, and mashed everything together. And that’s it! Mashed potatoes that are light and fluffy...and yummy!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to take any photos of the food we served that night (let alone the mashed potatoes I made), but that's ok. At least we're assured that they were delicious because Mum and Dad (and now, my colleague) asked for the recipes. Anyway, you already know what mashed potatoes look like, right? =)

Oh yeah, much as I'd like to get all the credit for this easy recipe, I didn't come up with it on my own. I simply followed the steps from here.

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