11 June 2011

day 1: red

The first color of the rainbow often signifies blood, danger, heat, power and romance. It also stimulates the appetite which is why most restaurants use the color red. This is one of my favorite colors because it stands out, and since I’m a bit of an attention-seeker, I like using it.

Red is the color of the logo of the company I'm currently working for, and during my first 3 years, I used to send all my company e-mail messages in red font. No one complained or told me to use a different color. But when I realized that other people sometimes saw it as being angry or demanding (even though the message was just an acknowledgement), I changed it.

Here are some red things that I use everyday:
SE W910i mobile, pouch, HK drinking bottle (with matching ice-stick), and hairbrush

And this morning during the monthly meeting at our site, I drank my tea in this:
cute huh?!

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