27 October 2011

visiting our new office

Our company will be moving offices soon. The new address isn’t too far; actually, it’s just down the road, on the opposite side of the street. I had the chance to check it out recently, and everything was bigger, better...and just more of everything!

The building is new compared to the one our company has been occupying for the past 14 years, and the lobby is more professional and sophisticated-looking. There are several private companies and government offices there, so we can expect to see lots of people of different nationalities every day. Hopefully this will encourage my colleagues to dress more neatly and professionally instead of just the typical slacks/pants and polo. Just saying. Anyway, the office area is much bigger, and it has a better view since it’s on the 7th floor; and because it takes up a corner and a side, there’s more windows to look out of. There’s a lot of new furniture and equipment, and new plants have been ordered. I heard that we’ll be having a small gym room, but I’m not sure if this is true or not. The pantry and bathrooms are a bit smaller, though, but that’s ok; it’s not as if we’ll be staying in these areas for long periods. What I’m really looking forward to are the washlets. Being a Japanese company, our bosses wanted to have these toilets installed in our office, probably so they can have a feel of their home technology. Once we move, it will definitely be one of the first things I’ll try. Finally, our bosses decided to have the walls painted a light shade of maize yellow. It’s different from the white walls we’ve been so used to, but maybe they thought it would help cheer us up and uplift our work attitude. One of my colleagues said the yellow walls remind him of kindergarten, but that's just him. In my opinion, I think the color brightens up the office.

Anyway, I’m sure all of us are excited to move next month. The new set-up is supposed to be a change for the better...and we all really hope it is.

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