27 February 2011

our few seconds of fame

Last Friday, we (me, hubby, Caila, yaya and my sister) went to Mamzar for this.
It was just like the other Dubai Terry Fox Run’s I joined in the past...EXCEPT I was interviewed by a leading newspaper. Cool huh?!
Actually, hubby was the one the videographer approached, but he was too shy, so he told me to do it instead. Medyo nahiya pa ako at first, but I thought that this was a rare opportunity, so I did it while carrying Caila (syempre, para sikat din ang anak ko!).
Here’s their article and the clip that shows our few seconds of fame (beginning at 1:35) which was uploaded yesterday on their website.
What a nice birthday gift for my daughter (and monthsary gift for me)!

By the way, my family and I had our pictures taken by a photographer of the same newspaper. We’ll see if we’re included in the selection of the shots to be published.


  1. wow! now I know a celebrity! =)Caila looks so cute smiling timidly for the camera.

  2. thanks, irvi! feeling celebrity lang. hahaha! =)

  3. Congrats sis, you're so pretty!!! =)

    Aiai ni Dex

  4. thanks sis, aiai! *sheepish grin* =)


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