26 June 2011

uh-oh, it's virus time again

Yesterday, almost half the employees of our office were on leave due to fever or colds. Two came to work but then left after a while. Two others, although they stayed in the office to work, looked like they weren’t feeling well either. One of my colleagues who left early told me that the hospital he went to was full of people coughing, sneezing, and shivering.

Since yesterday, I’ve been sneezing almost every thirty minutes or so, and sniffling in between. My nose isn’t runny, I don’t have a fever, and I’m not feeling abnormally cold, so I’m not sick. Well, not yet anyway. I sure hope I don’t catch whatever is in the air. If I do, my daughter might eventually get it from me, and she’s already underweight (although, thank God she’s not sickly underweight).

Here in Dubai, everyone usually stays indoors in the comfort of the air conditioned buildings, but as soon as we step outside, the scorching heat can almost burn the skin and the humidity can practically suffocate a person, forcing the body to immediately adjust its temperature to the change; it’ll definitely cause the body to get out of whack! In the Philippines, typhoon season has arrived, and along with it comes the usual flu and other illnesses.

For those in the Philippines, don't leave home without an umbrella, sweater, or rain-proof jacket. Those in the UAE, try to stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen if you need to go out. And to everybody, please be careful and double up your intake of veggies and vitamins. As for me, I guess it’s time for me to drink more liquids and stock up on oranges again to get my required daily dose of fresh vitamin C.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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