31 May 2011

our anniversary at atlantis

We took advantage of the hotel’s summer offer of Dhs895++ per night which is available until the 30th of September 2011. It’s a really great deal, considering that their rack rates are much, much higher...the lowest being Dhs3,100++ per night. We just made the reservation online and had no problems at all.

30 May 2011

guilty working mommy

I feel sad...and guilty. I know I wanted to not post anything negative this month, but I can’t help it. I had to share this so that I could let it out of my system. So, here goes...

26 May 2011

anniversary plans

Tomorrow is the 27th, and you know what that means...time to celebrate again!
This time, since we’re celebrating our 6th and 3rd anniversaries, we’re not going to eat out like we do every month; we’re going to stay overnight in one of the grandest hotels here in Dubai!

25 May 2011

first (lower) household in cfc

We had our regular household last Friday. The big difference was Popsie and Momsie weren’t with us anymore because they were now Unit Leaders in CFC. And can you guess who became our head? It was no less than my hubby!

from friendster to blogspot (part 2)

And here are the testimonials and comments I received on my Friendster profile that made me smile...

19 May 2011

from friendster to blogspot (part 1)

Now that Friendster has announced that it will be closing (err...undergo mass deletion, change it’s focus, whatever you call it!), I’ve started going over my profile, thinking what I want to keep...most of which are blog entries and testimonials by my friends.

It’s a waste, really, but then, as the people usually say here: “What to do, yani?”
Well, since I have this blog, what I’m going to do is copy whatever I want to remember from Friendster to here.

So, here goes...Part 1 will be my blog posts and Part 2 will be some testimonials and comments from my friends.

bnt turns 1

I created this blog as an online diary of whatever I was feeling, things that caught my interest...anything that went on in my life; and along the road, I realized that blogging has been kind of therapeutic.

18 May 2011

my birthday dinner at hana restaurant

This is a very long overdue post...almost 2 months actually...coz it happened on my birthday; the reason why it took me so long to post is because the pictures taken that night were from Ate Cel’s camera, and I only remembered last night to copy them from her.

17 May 2011

roxette in dubai

I love their songs and I REAAAALLLLYYYY want to watch the concert. But it's definitely out of the question, what with all the expenses we have this month...unless someone very kind would be willing to sponsor my ticket (yeah right! wishful thinking!).
Anyway, for those who are interested, tickets are priced Dh300 for silver standing, Dh450 for gold standing, Dh550 for platinum seating, and Dh1,250 for the M Premiere VIP lounge. You can buy these at boxofficeme.com and Virgin Megastores. Doors open at 7pm, and the show starts at 9pm.

16 May 2011

jewelry, rosaries...and santa niña?!

Unlike many Indian girls who are practically covered in gold whenever they go out, the only jewelry our daughter wears are her gold stud earrings. The thing is, we don’t want her to get used to jewelry. Usually, I only wear a watch, earrings and my engagement and wedding rings when we go out; sometimes I wear a necklace, but that’s it. Hubby is more simple...he only wears his wedding ring; he doesn’t even have a watch!

15 May 2011

big savings on our tickets

Out of curiosity, I visited the website of the airline we’re going to travel on and checked how much their current fares are for the same dates.
When I did the computation, I was happily surprised to find that we had saved almost Dhs2,100!

the dolphin & seal show at the dolphinarium

Ever since we went to Iceland in Ras Al Khaimah early last month, there’s never a day Caila doesn’t talk about her experience there. Obviously, she really enjoyed herself. So as a treat, Hubby and I took her (and her nanny) to Dubai Dolphinarium yesterday for the Dolphin and Seal Show.

our little christian

Three instances last night...

In the car on our way home, we were all quiet, just listening to the radio, when all of a sudden Caila broke the silence...

application for permission to date my daughter

I came across this post from Lea Salonga’s old blog and thought to share.
Very funny...but I WILL keep a copy for future reference =)

14 May 2011

wedding anniversary mass

To married Catholic couples in Dubai, I recommend that you attend the Wedding Anniversary Mass at St. Mary’s Church on the month of your wedding anniversary. I’m not sure if St. Francis of Assisi’s Church or churches in other emirates hold these masses as well, but it would be great if they did so that couples residing in these areas can attend.

11 May 2011

pampanga's binalot restaurant

Since I vowed not to write anything negative this month, I’m going to delay posting until later about the experience we had at Pampanga’s Binalot Restaurant in Karama.
If all you care about is the basic Pinoy food (which tasted good, actually) and you have lots of time or your appetite can wait for around an hour to be filled, then by all means visit the place and enjoy (err...if you can).
That’s all I’ll say for now.
To be continued...here

08 May 2011

being a mom

a nice read...

We are sitting at lunch one day when my daughter casually mentions that she and her husband are thinking of "starting a family."
"We're taking a survey," she says half-joking. "Do you think I should have a baby?"

02 May 2011

why i want to get married again

It wasn’t because of Catherine's gown and it wasn’t their horse-drawn carriage either.
It was the first two public kisses that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace that made me kilig and want to get married again.
Here’s how it went (according to The Sun newspaper):

01 May 2011

daddy can finally sing

Remember this? Well, here’s something similar that happened last night...

five years with three diamonds

Today is International Workers' Day and it’s also my fifth year with the company I’m working for!

Five years of ups and downs. I know that I often complain about some of my colleagues in this blog, but every company has their black sheep. Anyway, so far my stay has been mostly ups otherwise I would have left years ago.

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