28 February 2012

as my daughter turns 3

My dear Caila,

Belated happy birthday, Anak! You’re now 3 years old! I still can’t believe how fast time has flown since the day I first lay my eyes on you. You were so tiny then, all helpless and fragile. Now, you’ve grown into a little girl who has accomplished so much! You’re already potty-trained (only needing diapers when we go out and at bedtime), you choose the clothes that you want to wear, you can sing along to almost all of the songs I sing to you, you can identify different shapes, colors, numbers, letters, characters in the Disney Junior shows, and so many other things!

20 February 2012


This photo was taken last February 17 (the day Dubai was hit with a sandstorm, signalling the end of winter and the start of summer) during an SFC activity. Hubby had just given a talk and Mike and Tesha were next, and Joel and Lhen had just arrived for support.

18 February 2012

post-valentines chocolates

The big boss from Japan came for a visit again, and that means SWEETS! This time, he gave us Patchi chocolates...one box for the office, and another one for me (yup, he never fails to bring a separate package especially for me whenever he’s in town, because of all the bookings I have to do for him). I loooove Patchi! They’re so delicious! And since they’re pretty expensive, it’s always a treat to receive them. But that’s not all.

14 February 2012

azkals game this thursday

I’m not a fan...I don’t even know any of the players except for Phil and James...but Hubby is a player of the Pinoy Football Club here in Dubai and they want all its members, Azkals enthusiasts, and kababayans in the UAE to support our national team’s game against Australia this coming Thursday (16th of February).

And the good thing about it is PFC is selling their Category B tickets (Dhs50) on a BUY ONE, TAKE ONE basis! How’s that for a great deal?! This can be your post-Valentine’s date with your special someone =)

The game is scheduled for 8pm at the Al Maktoum Stadium, Al Nasr Sports Club. Please call Bong at 050-1417493 for tickets.


13 February 2012

shining, shimmering, splendid

Remember this? Well, when Hubby read it, he just snickered (snorted, actually) as if to say “Yeah right! You wish!” Honestly, I was a bit disappointed, but I could understand. The time I posted that was the same period of our apartment’s renewal...and Ate Cel’s visa renewal was coming up...AND we were going to enroll Caila in Nursery and Kindergarten...PLUS some family members in the Philippines were sick and eventually hospitalized. So naturally, we just had to put all these other payments and priorities first.

08 February 2012

i won 250,000 dirhams?! yeah, right!

A few minutes ago, I received a call on my personal mobile number. The man (not sure if he’s Pakistani or Indian) who called told me that he’s from Etisalat and that my number was entered into a raffle, and apparently I won Dhs250,000. He then told me to call him back so that he would give me the details on how I could claim my prize. Of course, I was skeptical. His number was an ordinary mobile number. But just for the heck of it, I called him back using our company landline phone. When the man answered, he said I should call him using my mobile number because “landline numbers are not allowed.” Ha! Right away, I put the phone down. He could have the Dhs250,000 for all I care!

future flower girl

My little girl is going to be a flower girl for the first time! These are the times a mother dreams of: dressing up and beautifying the mini version of herself, and showing her off to the world (or in this case, her friend’s friends).

The bride-to-be, who’s another one of my former SFC babies, told me that the designs of the dresses are all up to us (mothers of the 3 flower girls), so now I’m searching the net...and they’re all so cute! I’m having a hard time taking my pick from all the adorable little gowns.

05 February 2012

turning 3 soon

Just a little over 3 weeks to go and my little girl will be turning 3 years old!

Hubby and I are debating whether to book an overnight stay in a hotel (just me, him and Caila) so she can swim to her heart's content and we can enjoy their Friday brunch, or have a simple dinner with our close friends at home. Whatever it will be, I’ve also applied for a leave off work on the actual day of her birthday, and take her somewhere (an activity center at the mall, the park, or wherever) as a treat so that she can play around and really enjoy her day with her dear Mommy.

01 February 2012

stress, patience and patients

The last day of January really tested my patience.

I had applied for a half-day leave off work yesterday because I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, and anyway, there weren’t any deadlines or urgent matters that had to be taken cared of at the office. For that part I was right, but it didn’t mean I would be free from stress, from work or otherwise.

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