16 February 2011

caila's first dental visit

Yesterday, Caila had her first appointment with the dentist.
She was supposed to have had her teeth checked last year at one of the government hospitals here in Dubai (around July or September, I think), but she was in the Philippines then. When she came back, we just didn’t think it was a priority, so we didn’t bother to reschedule the appointment. It was only a few weeks ago when one of the n@wies in our e-group brought up the subject (of teeth, dentists and bad breath) that made me realize the importance of Caila’s oral hygiene. Don’t get me wrong, her teeth aren’t rotten or deformed or anything. Actually, before bedtime and after she’s had sweets, we make sure to brush Caila’s teeth. Hubby and I just wanted to make sure her teeth were developing properly.
So last Saturday, I called the clinic at Burjuman and scheduled an appointment with the dentist.
On the metro ride to the mall, I prepped Caila, telling her that we were going to meet a dentist and he just wanted to see her teeth. I showed her how to smile and to open her mouth wide so that the dentist would be able to check her teeth thoroughly. She was actually excited.
When we entered the dentist’s room, he told me to sit on the chair with Caila in my lap. He then told her to open her mouth (good thing I taught her this earlier), and he began looking at her teeth with his instruments. I was holding her hands down the whole time, but I really didn’t need to. Caila took it all in stride, just sitting in my lap without budging or complaining. I was so proud of her!
Fortunately, the dentist said that her teeth were well-maintained and developing well. They weren’t complete, but the remaining ones were just about to erupt (which is most probably why she often sticks her fingers in her mouth). Aside from that, he gave us some tips and advice on what else we could do to take care of her teeth. He was nice and friendly; not like most doctors or dentists who seem stiff and only talk if you have any questions. He was very helpful. It was an ordinary check-up that lasted about 10 minutes, but at least we were affirmed that her teeth were ok.
Hubby and I were so proud that Caila didn’t fidget or cry the whole time, so we bought her ice-cream from Baskin Robbins as a reward. Naturally, she drank water right after she finished and Ate Cel brushed her teeth as soon as we got home.

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