27 June 2011

my parents’ wedding anniversary...and mama

I had a funny conversation with Mama over the weekend. You see, today is their (Mama & Papa’s) wedding anniversary, and even though Papa passed on eight years ago, Mama still celebrates this day every year. So, last Friday during my weekly phone call to her, I teased her a little. Here’s a snip of our conversation:
Me: Ma, anong handa mo sa Monday?
Mama: Ayun. Mel, pwede maglambing?
Me: Bakit?
Mama: Eh kasi syempre, gusto ko mag-spaghetti ---
Me: O sige. Ok na ba yung 100 pesos? Spaghetti kamo, eh di ok na siguro na mag-spaghetti ka sa Jollibee?
(I had started giggling by this time)
Mama: Nye! Ano yun, sa akin lang?!
Me: Sige, 500. Isama mo na sina Gabe, Kuya Boyet, Lhet and Lenci.
Mama: Mel naman!
(she knew I was teasing her)
Me: Para hindi ka na mapagod sa pagluto di ba? Ok na siguro yung 500 di ba?
Mama: Waaaaahhh!!!!

By this time, we were both laughing. She knows that when she makes “lambing” to me, I respond when I can because she doesn’t do it very often. And anyway, I had already planned on sending some money to her for the occasion; she just beat me to it.

So yesterday, I went to Western Union to remit the money (no, it wasn’t just for 500 pesos). I texted Mama the amount and code right away, and as soon as she received my message she called me saying “Thank you! I love you! Thank you! I love you!” I could tell from her voice that she was already asleep when I sent her the SMS (it was past 10pm in the Philippines), but I really appreciated that she still called.

This morning, I tried calling her to greet her but she didn’t answer. After a few minutes, she called me back.
Mama: Mel, kakakuha ko lang ng padala mo. Thank you! I love you!
Me: You’re welcome. I love you too. Happy Anniversary!
Mama: Thank you.
Me: So anong handa mo?
Mama: Magluluto ako ng spaghetti...atsaka kare-kare...
Me: Akala ko spaghetti lang?
(of course, I was teasing her again)
Mama: Syempre naman may dagdag. May dagdag yung padala mo eh. I love you!
Me: Asows!
Mama: Op kors!

I really enjoy my conversations with Mama. It’s usually full of “kulitan,” fun and laughter. Of course, there are some times when we talk about serious stuff, but I try to make it light as much as possible so that she won’t fill her thoughts with worries. Lately, she’s been hinting (very obviously) that she wants to come back to Dubai and live with us (and not just for a short visit). But it’s not that simple because there are some things and people to consider. We’ll see. Of course, there’s no doubt about it that I’d definitely love it if she were here.

Happy 43rd Wedding Anniversary, Papa and Mama!

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