19 March 2011

she'll be fine

A typical scene/conversation when Caila trips or falls over something:
Sound of something crashing or Caila landing on her mat.
Caila: Whoooaaah!!
Me or Hubby rush to check on her.
Me/Hubby: Anak, san masakit? Are you ok?
Caila: (I'm) Ok. I’m fine.
Then she stands up, makes pagpag her hands, and proceeds to continue whatever she was doing as if nothing happened.

I’m glad that my daughter isn’t maselan. But I dread the day when she will come home with scratches and bruises on her knee or elbows (when she’s a kid), or a broken heart (when she’s older), yet she’ll tell me she’s “fine” just to put up a brave front so that I won’t be hurt. I don’t know if I’ll be proud of her or angry at her.

Anak, wag kang maglilihim kay Mommy ha. Kapag nasaktan ka, sabihin mo kaagad sa akin. Bubugbugin ko ang sinumang manakit sa yo =)

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